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Welcome to the new  

After three years of development and numerous problems we are finally up and working with the latest version of The site is not yet complete, but most of its options are up and running things like the User Upload or the mods upload itself - we are continuously uploading new files, now we have more than 12.000 files available divide into almost 11.000 folders.

Considering the experimental stage of the script, right now we only host mods, but in the future, if all goes well, we will also add tutorials, guides and other support information for all modding aspects of each and every GTA. We are also looking for newsers, admins, moderators and uploaders for our staff, so if you are interested contact us in our forum.

The script behind the database has been realized by El Presy of The script is almost complete and it will be totally available before the end of this year. We hope our work will help you enjoy the GTA Modding aspect and please send us feedback to our official forum.

Third and last beta test  

From March 14th at 20.00 GMT there will be the third beta test for the new script created by El Presy for Differently from the previous beta tests, this time the pages will have their style and layout, but there still will not be the advanced services like user upload or user's registration.

This beta test is necessary in order to ascertain that the new advance search engine and the new template engine are sufficent to sustain the entire database (more than 8.000 mods for a total weight of over 11Gb).

The beta test could last anywhere from half an hour to even half a day or to the end of the week-end. After this step, if the test is successful, we will begin working on everything needed to re-open the site, and after that, on all the accessories and advanced services. We apologize for eventual problems, but that's what the test is for.