CheatDevice (EU)

Description: This is the first and only cheat device for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories!

Here are the features:
- Infinite health and armor
- Edit wanted level
- Edit time
- Edit weather + Snow
- Spawn anything
- Display coordinates and speed
- Teleport
- Step through walls
- Power jump
- Activate spawn cheats with one button
- Take Screenshot
- Edit car colors
- Never fall off your motorcycle
- Firmware 2.6 support
- Your car is indestructible, always steaming, smoking, or on fire
- No reload
- Video recorder
- Change CPU speed to 333MHz (fw 2.0-2.5 only)
- Battery percent, voltage and temp (fw 2.0-2.5 only)
- Heavy motorcycle
- Turn while power jumping
- Frames per second meter added to coordinates display
- Added 'Really High' to teleport list for Dodo gliding
- Completely stops the game for screen capture so action shots won't be blurry
- New savefile for UK version
- Added confirmation dialog before unloading
- Gives the screen more time to repaint before screenshot
- Stabalized the Dodo for easier gliding
- Flyable Dodo with thrust
- Video recorder is a little faster
- Added step up/down, use -1.5m to submerge a flatbed to ramp level
- Step through walls works while driving
- Bikes can drive on walls
- Gravity
- Freeze everything
- Gameplay speed
- Walking speed
- Flip over
- Unlimited heli flying height
- Cheat Maker
- Support for cheats with pplayer, pobj or pcar in them
- Select ped outfit, press TRIANGLE to activate
- Support for cheats with #off section
- Rocket Boost!
- Teleport to player target (the player-set red marker on the map)
- Video recorder optimizations
- Construction Mode
- Cheats memory increased to 200k
- Select cheats files from cheats directory
- 333MHz now supported on firmware 2.6
- Hover cars
- Gather spell
- Full size video recorder
- Load outside staunton safehouse
- Drivable RC toys
- Your car is indestructible also prevents visible damage
- Gangs no longer attack you
- Water level
- Heavy cars
- Automatically flip over
- Drive on walls works for cars too

Unzip the archive to your memory card so the files go in PSP/SAVEDATA/ULES00151S0. This replaces the first save on the card.

To start CheatDevice, simply load it like a saved game. You can then load another save if you want and CheatDevice stays in memory.

European/UK version for all firmware versions (this will NOT ever work on 2.7)!

Warning: Do not upgrade to firmware 2.7 or you will not be able to use CheatDevice!
They've completely and permanently patched the GTA exploit in fw 2.7.

Disclaimer: THIS CAN CRASH YOUR GAME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. USE 333MHZ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don't save your game after using this.

Edison Carter
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May 06, 2006 - 10:40 AM
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Aug 30, 2015 - 08:37 AM
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