Solid Liberty City Mod

Description: This mod makes Liberty City in San Andreas completely solid and allows you to access it at any given time just by walking into a yellow marker at Los Santos Airport (It doesn't matter whether you've completed the mission "Marco's Bistro" or not).

Beware that the rest of the city (apart from Marco's Bistro) is really messed up and there are some "holes" in the ground where you can fall down so watch out ;)

Installation instructions

Extract levelmap.ide and levelmap.ipl files to your GTA San Andreas\data\maps\leveldes folder, then use IMG Tool to replace levelmap_1.col in gta3.img file (Remember to backup the original files!)

To access Liberty City, go to the most South-West gate of the Los Santos Airport building and enter the yellow marker. To get out of Liberty City use the yellow marker across the road from Marco's Bistro (Where you appeared in Liberty City)

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Jun 16, 2012 - 01:47 PM
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