Flying car

Description: You have to install the Cleo 3 library to use this mod.
Merge the content of the archive with your GTA: San Andreas installation folder (C:Program FilesRockstar GamesGTA San Andreas).

  • Press [1] to activate, press [2] to deactivate.
  • [W/S]: accellerate/brake.
  • [DIRECTIONAL KEYS]: steer.
  • [HANDBRAKE]: brake faster.
  • [S]+[HANDBRAKE]: stop and set the car in a horizontal position.
Known issues: because everything can't just be fine.

  • The car becomes indestructible, even if you don't want that.

I took the liberty of editing some scripts, but please keep in mind that they are minor fixes or compatibility patches - You can download the original ones from the author's website, though.

  • You can now stay in flying mode even if you touch the ground; before, you had to stay pretty high if you wanted to fly.


Variable Resistorz
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