50 Cent

Description: This is a mod which turns Carl Johnson into 50 Cent. It does the best to replace 50 cent face&clothes for CJ.

Not all the files done by me, but the most of them. Here is the list:

8gun.txd - This tattoo is made by the man that did the G-Unit v3 mod in GTAGarage, I don't know his name.

groovecut.txd - Originally made by the statrsbastd but I've change it and make a white bandana on the hair and a piercing on the ears (I am sorry, I didn't ask permission to edit the mod because I can't ask, I am not in the Borg gaming forums but all the credit go for him, he did a great job. Here is only my version of the mod).

neccross.txd - This is the original cross chain already in the game and the file is not modified, you can find it in Didier Sachs.

player_torso.txd - This is a skin made by me, I did a ring and a bracelet in CJ's hand just like 50 cent.

sneakerbincgang.txd - This file done by the same man that done the tattoos but I've just changed the name of the file, now you can purchase them in Binco and don't need to go to Pro-Laps.

vest.txd - This is a skin made by me, it replaces the white tank with bulletproof vest just like Big Smoke have in the final mission, but you can still see the white tank under the bulletproof vest.

watchgno2.txd - This is the same watch in the game. The file didn't modified, you can find that silver watch in Victim.

Please host them in many sites because I am not anymore in GTAForums.com and not a member of many sites, so please host them in any site you can and don't ask me a permission, but you must credit CJVEGAS as the creator of the mod.


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Sep 26, 2005 - 12:23 PM
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Sep 02, 2015 - 09:15 AM
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