Alci's IMG Editor

Description: This is an useful IMG editor - a combination of Spark and IMG Tool.
This tool can only be used with the GTA San Andreas archive format (no GTA 3 and GTA Vice City support so far!).

Here are the features:
- Rebuild
You can rebuild your img archive.

- Import
The standard import feature. You can import one or more items into the .img file.

- Import and remove
Before importing, the tool checks if the item is already in the img archive and delete it.
This is very useful, if you want insert many items, because you don't need delete the items by yourself.

- Export
The standard export feature. You can export one or more items out of the .img file.

- Rename
You can rename an item in the img archive.

- Search
You can search for items inside the img archive.

- Search dialog
This is very useful! With this dialog you can search for files. It works like the Windows search.
You need just select the directory, and all *.txd and *.dff files, which are inside this directory, will be shown you in a list. Then you can select the items which you want to insert. The search is recursive. The founded items will be inserted with the 'import and remove' feature.

- Export as list
You can export the content of the img file into a list - that's only useful, if you want to create your own 'compare'-files.

- Compare
You can compare your current img file with an compare-file. The compare-file is a file, in which are all possible img entries of an img file are listed per each line. This is useful, if you want check that your img file hasn't missing entries (and so the game should not crash!). You can create your own compare-files with the 'export as list' feature. I also have provided the compare-files for all gta img-files with this tool (see in the compare-folder).

- Reload:
You can reload the current opened img file - sometimes it can be useful.

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