New Vice City 2005

Description: Features
  • New cool texts and descriptions</li>
  • Taxicall: Tommy calls a taxi with his mobile wherever he is. Taxi comes and brings Tommy to stari(not in a mission, 500$)</li>
  • The changed missions have now descriptions. All the features of new vice city are described in the game in helptexts(pay always attention to captions and helptexts)</li>
  • New map icons for new features</li>
  • Buy indestructible new cars in WILDCARS in Sunshine autos(Jack delivers for 45000$) (wild cars icon)</li>
  • Some shiti missions have been removed (check the list)</li>
  • Vercetti gang drives Freeway</li>
  • Cinema widescreen by pressing c(crouch) on foot a few times, to deactivate it just again c (very important dont save the game when widescreen is on)</li>
  • For 2000000$ Tommy can buy the policestation in Washington beach and after buying the police is vercetti gang(DRIVING POLICECHEETAH) and no more wanted with normal skin and weapons in the policestation</li>
  • A lot of top cars in Sunshine Autos</li>
  • When Tommy is busted he starts in the cell of the prison in washington beach police station and must flee</li>
  • All missions available</li>
  • You can buy everything</li>
  • The top swat in stari drives now in the loading space of Barracks and shoot at police and other gangs except the vercetti gang when Tommy is driving (you must drive with a Barracks close to him and he will get in but u shouldnt get out,: important is if u get out of the car and get in again then he will shoot no more by driving, so dont get out of the car) Tip: activate the police mission in Barracks by prssing TAB when the swat is hired and he will shoot all the crimes to hell you just have to drive</li>
  • Final after mission cop land</li>
  • In some missions friends drive Tommy with a walton to the shooting areas and Tommy needs only to shoot (check the line Drive as a passenger on the loading space of a walton)</li>
  • You can enter the hotel beside of malibu(go to the door there is an elevator-to go back in the street use the other door)</li>
  • In that hotel you also find Mr.Shrub you can force Mr.Shrub to be your shootingfriend by going close to him after final</li>
  • 2 swats in behind of the police station in Vice point for all jobs (8000$ for everyone you will need) after the mission party</li>
  • No blocks in Vice city</li>
  • Some main characters will assemble in the villa after some missions and will be ready to become your shooting friend (check the line shooting friends)</li>
  • In some missions Tommy will be driven to his targets by taxis, limos, helis...(check the line drive as a passenger)</li>
  • Madman oversees now the villa after biker missions</li>
  • Star-camera: To activate the star-camera press the camera-key (V)</li>
  • In Starfish Haitians for more action(if u want them out then you must pass the boatyard mision)</li>
  • If Tommy gets in a car all doors are locked and to let someone get in just hold the handbrake(right mouse)</li>
  • Enter the bank from begin</li>
  • After the job mission (malibu) you can always repeat the mission and rob the bank</li>
  • In Starfish villa the top swat can be hired as a bodyguard with a Barracks</li>
  • After mission SIR YA SIR you can always buy an indestructible hunter for 50000$ in Villa (with us flagin Stari) icon hunter action</li>
  • After biker mission you can enter the bikerclub and have a free drink there, you find also big John there for 40000$ (important: if you have hired him and want to go out you must walk slowly to the door so he can follow you out)</li>
  • After lovefist missions you get a V.I.P card and can alway enter the concert hall</li>
  • you can check the speed and damage in your vehicle</li>
  • Tommy can drink in Bar (front page cafe) beside of ocean hotel for 500$</li>
  • Almost all abilities are activated from begin( and after death row you get 200 health+200 armour)</li>
  • Tank and boat in the villa</li>
  • Heligarage in Himond in Down Town (no maverick there)</li>
  • 3 bikers in beside of the club which are always on for a braw</li>
  • A paradise of guns in the army station with teargas too</li>
  • After the mission No ESCAPE you will never be wanted with police uniform</li>
  • After final vercetti gang will have hardcore weappons like other gangs and all other gangs want to kill Tommy</li>
  • New hard weappons in the villa</li>
  • Ice mission only 10 deals to go</li>

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