Armageddon Mod

Description: We all know the prehistory of our loved GTA3. However that is something for small children! :D now the Armageddon comes! So much we to know the ArmageddonMod a prehistory will have, which is important to this history, the play passport for the play happening and sinks without reading.

Up to now we know that a comet hit on the moon and thus the earth was easily heated up. This exerts naturally also influence on the earth and their population. Thus humans work more verschreckter, cars drive glowing over the roads, met from the jets, which the moon delivers, the police reach through suddenly harder than before and and and. Which one hears, sounds themselves already very excitingly.

Around this with the player well enough more rueber to bring Remigius made some changes. It changed the handling of the cars so that it fits history, likewise, as it did it already at that time with the Snow Mod. The textures generally will be on changed by reason, as one can recognize in the first pictures. A small example are the trees, which work charred and broken. In addition the GTA3 world will be very transformed at all that she fits Armageddon history.

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Apr 08, 2005 - 05:40 PM
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Aug 25, 2015 - 08:01 PM
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