Ultimate NYPD Uniforms Mod

Description: This mod changes the default officers uniforms to the real ones of NYPD, ESU, FDNY, New Jersey State Police, etc.
-All the wtd files are complete with new diff.png, normal.png and spec.png files.
-For more realism it can be combined with mods which change the LCPD to NYPD vehicles.

LCPD to NYPD uniforms (including Traffic Officer’s uniform).
-NYPD patches and tie clips, additional breast bars, badges with different numbers, NYPD raincoats, Sergeant with real life gold badge and sleeve stripes, Captain with real life badge, Traffic officer with NYPD waist pack, etc.

NOoSE to NYPD ESU (Emergency Service Unit).
-Real life patches of NYPD and ESU with 2 different (both original) bulletproof vests to choose from.
-Nstocade vehicle based on the real one that ESU uses. Originally made by Mr.© Bolleck and I ‘ve changed the signs in order to be closer to the original (although ESU doesn’t uses these kind of trucks) -2 different color signs variations to choose from.

Helicopter Pilot to Homeland Security Pilot.
With low visibility sleeve patches of Homeland Security Dept. and a Police vest (better to be combined with my previously released Homeland Security mod v. 1.0)

State Trooper to New Jersey State Police officer
Real life patch of NJSP (only on the right sleeve), real life badges on the hat and tie pin, originally bright yellow stripes on the trousers. Additionally; By default one of the troopers wears a New Jersey St. Police hat and trousers but an NYPD jacket. I ‘ve changed the color of the jacket to the original NJSP color plus some other additions in order to look more like a NJSP officer thus to be more realistic.

Firefighter now has FDNY written on his uniform and helmet, FireChief has real life patches and FDNY written on his helmet.

Paramedic Uniform
Now it has a new (originally colored) paramedic star in the chest and a bigger one in the back with the word “Paramedic” written below.

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