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Description: I decided to edit the browser window of IV's in-game internet.
I am probably sure this is the first ever internet BROWSING WINDOW mod, but I am probably just 1 out of more than 10 (maybe more), so I would like to introduce to you: the GTA IV Internet Explorer mod!

Please Note: The Mail Icon I was unable to change because I could not find a large enough mail icon, the ones that were too small would glitch or crash the game, so I left it the same;(In respect of Apple/Mac).

I don't have a full screenshot of it yet, but pics of the bars I've changed.

Installation: Using an extractor such as 7-zip, winzip, winrar, etc. Extract the following file(s) to your GTA IV Directory. Example (Most commonly used): C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand theft auto IV\pc\Textures

And replace the file: Browser.wdd

Changelog 1.1:
NEW Top Bar/Window name Bar, with added Minimize, Restore, and close buttons! Note: these buttons DO NOT work, for some reason I cannot seem to program them to work unless someone knows how to code the main browser files-(Files could be anything, osdefault, who knows.) Anyways, I am planning on editing other buttons on the browser, aswell. Like the side, bottom-(Probably not there) , the mail and the main adress bar. I may even edit the sites, too! Only if someone can PLEASE Pm me with details of how to edit .Whm Website files in Grand Theft Auto IV. (GTA4) So far, so good, Don't forget to Download the latest updates for more updated versions of my Browser mod. Cheers! :D

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Aug 09, 2011 - 11:25 AM
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Jul 14, 2015 - 04:41 PM
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