Description: XLiveLess is a small replacement of the xlive.dll with no online support made by listener. It's intended to disable a bunch of the modding-preventing measures of GTA IV.

Main features:
- complete replacement of the xlive.dll (original dll isn't required)
- all online functions are disabled (to prevent cheating in multiplayer)
- removed all anti-debugger checks
- all game variables are made unprotected and can be accessed and changed by the trainers, control centers and other tools
- in-built asi-loader (no need to replace original files)
- asi-loader searches for .asi files in the root game folder and .asi and .dll in the 'plugins' folder

Additional features for GTA IV version 1.0.1-1.0.3:
- removed savefile check (you can load save file made by any offline XLive user)
- removed files.txt check (integrated replacement of FileCheckFix and MagicPatch)
- restored access to the system debugger in the critical error menu (removed loading of WER.dll)
- enabled write access to memory in code and .rdata segments (no need to call VirtualProtect from a .asi)
- disabled RGSC
- moved 'savegames' folder (see below).

Changelog 0.97b:
Added 1.0.4 support; possible fixed crash on exit

Changelog 0.95:
Added 1.0.3 support, small fixes

Changelog 0.94:
Added 1.0.2 support, fixed "Live Guide" bug, minor plugin API additions

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Aug 10, 2009 - 09:24 PM
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Aug 31, 2015 - 01:41 AM
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XLiveLess v0.97b
0.97b 08/10/09 88,73 KB 54357
XLiveLess v0.95b
0.95b 08/10/09 67,30 KB 2883
XLiveLess v0.95
0.95 08/10/09 87,54 KB 1916
XLiveLess v0.94
0.94 08/10/09 98,13 KB 3557

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