GTAIV .Net ScriptHook

Description: This ASI plugin allows you to run ingame GTAIV scripts written in any .Net language. Those languages are easy to learn and use, while they are still extremely powerful.
One noteable aspect of this hook is, that the scripting functions are organized in a .Net-typical class structure, which makes finding functions intuitive and easy.
And since you are able to develop scripts with Visual Studio, you'll get all benefits like code highlighting and IntelliSense.

You need an AsiLoader to use this plugin in GTAIV.

Changelog 0.893 BETA:
- Fixed the Vehicle.Rotation property
- Fixed mixed-up parameter names in some SettingsFile.SetValue overloads
- Fixed some potential SettingsFile problems in other windows language versions (hopefully).
- The graphcis scaling will be resetted to Pixel now before a Form gets drawn
- Errors will always be logged in english now.
- Added some descriptions to methods and properties that aren't self-explanatory
- Added boolean overloads for SettingsFile.GetValue and Setvalue
- Renamed the Vehicle.Color properties to Color, SpecularColor, FeatureColor1 and FeatureColor2 for convenience
- AccessViolationExceptions correctly terminate the causing script now.
- Scripts with a filename in format "" also use the default settings file "myscript.ini" now.
- Fixed a problem where Exists() still returned true for invalid vehicles

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Last Update:
Aug 31, 2009 - 10:28 AM
Last version:
0.893 BETA
Last download:
Aug 28, 2015 - 07:09 PM
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GTAIV .Net ScriptHook v0.893 beta
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GTAIV .Net ScriptHook v0.88 beta
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